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Working at Grameen Foundation

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Potential is the essence of everything we do. As an organization, we strive to create a culture where our employees can reach their full potential: generating results that make a real difference in the lives of the poor, as they actualize their career and growth aspirations.

Every 18 months we conduct an Employee Engagement Survey in which we ask our staff members to describe our culture as they experience it in 3 words. Here’s an unfiltered word cloud of their responses, a realistic glimpse into what you will likely experience when you join our team of highly motivated employees, volunteers and partners:

Why Grameen Foundation?

Be an innovator

Reducing a daunting challenge like global poverty requires commitment, flexibility, and a willingness to experiment. Our staff members demonstrate this, and much more as they tackle both day-to-day and long term work challenges. We leverage data analytics, emerging technology, hands-on field implementations, and a desire to constantly iterate on both internal processes and client products in our work approach.

Come join Grameen Foundation to gain a breadth of experiences, as you work on one of society’s most pressing issues.

Work with the best and brightest, dedicated to eradicating global poverty

One of the joys of a career at Grameen Foundation is working alongside incredibly dedicated, talented, passionate and smart professionals. Employees enjoy the sense of collegiality, the ability to tap into expertise across the organization, and the chance to learn from one another.

Here’s just a snippet of the attributes employees use to describe their colleagues at Grameen Foundation: passionate, dedicated, infectious enthusiasm, intelligent, pragmatic, committed, ‘willing to go the extra mile’, open minded, fun.

Grow your global reach and network

If you’re working at Grameen Foundation, you’re likely to have virtual meetings with colleagues across several continents on any given work day. Given our deeply-rooted commitment to working closely with local communities and partners, Grameen Foundation has teams in Asia, Africa, Latin America, and the U.S. (Seattle, and Washington DC).

With cross-area integration being a key part of our strategy, teams are often spread across regions. Making it likely that you will be collaborating with someone across the globe, and supporting partners and clients in various parts of the world.

Experience a flexible, results focused work environment

Flexibility at Grameen Foundation isn’t restricted to a program or an option—it’s a way of life. With a strong results-oriented work environment, our staff gets feedback based on the results they generate. Each year, our employees set challenging goals for themselves, and strive to deliver aligned and measurable outcomes. Our staff has a strong sense of ownership over their work, and they enjoy the autonomy to define their work schedules and timings.

We understand that the life needs, interests and priorities of our employees are varied and unique to each of them, and we find that our culture rooted in flexibility and trust allows them to create room for what work/life balance looks like in their particular context.

Build Your Career at Grameen Foundation

An environment full of opportunities

As a fast-growing organization—with work spanning the fields of technology, agriculture, health, finance, product design, and data analytics—our employees enjoy access to a variety of growth opportunities. You’re likely to find options and avenues whether you want to learn new skills, work across different disciplines, or find a niche to master.

We actively encourage our staff members to identify and reach for opportunities that will expand their capabilities. Employees can leverage our dedicated development planning process to partner with their managers and craft a growth plan. Organizational leaders make sure they are aware of their staff member’s aspirations, so they can personally broker access to stretch experiences as they become available.

Access to mentoring, coaching and on-demand training

Grameen Foundation has an annual mentoring program open to all employees. Participants in the program are matched with both internal and external mentors based on their development goals and preferences. Mentees own and drive these learning relationships. Past participants describe four key benefits of the program: access to career guidance, support and availability of a sounding board, ability to get a broader understanding of Grameen Foundation work, and availability of objective feedback.

Our staff has access to a global online portal with on-demand learning offerings from premium content providers, like Harvard Manage Mentor and GlobeSmart. We are constantly augmenting these offerings with both in-house and sourced content.

Excellent competitive benefits

As an employer, Grameen Foundation offers excellent benefits, including employer-paid leave, health, prescription, vision and dental insurance and other ancillary benefits.