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David Edelstein

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Interim President and CEO

David was named the interim president and CEO of Grameen Foundation in March 2015. He previously served as executive vice president for global programs, where he led a team that develops innovative solutions to address some of the most persistent problems in developing countries.  These solutions, enabled by mobile phones and often incorporating financial services, have proven that market failures can be overcome by working directly with the poor to develop impactful and sustainable business models.  

Previously, at Microsoft, David designed technology-enabled business models to deliver affordable products to people in emerging markets.  At McKinsey & Company, he worked extensively in the telecommunications and consumer goods sectors, with a focus on creating business strategies tailored to the needs of consumers and businesses in developing countries. He conducted economic analyses and evaluated public policy with the White House Council of Economic Advisers and with Resources for the Future. David holds a Master's degree in Economics and Public Policy from Princeton University.