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Iain Percy

Iain PercyBritish sailing champion Iain Percy, who won gold medals at the 2000 and 2008 Olympic Games, is a strong supporter of Grameen Foundation. After his girlfriend learned about microfinance during a university lecture, they set out to learn more and read about Grameen Foundation on the internet. Iain, who majored in economics in college, saw that microfinance has the potential to cure poverty. 

“Economics relies on assumptions like free mobility of capital and labor,” says Iain. “Microfinance looks at the problems of the poor from a similarly academic standpoint – addressing where the system is failing due to the breakdown of necessary assumptions about economic and social development.” 

He is drawn to how much the microfinance movement has grown. For example, he is impressed that Grameen Foundation now offers telecommunications and business skills, which he feels are taken for granted in developed economies. Iain donates generously to Grameen Foundation every Christmas, realizing that his career as a successful sportsman is an opportunity available to very few people. 
Iain encourages others to give as well: “Grameen Foundation works to remove the disadvantages facing many poor people. Please help Grameen Foundation assist communities in developing their skills and reaching the potential they deserve.” 

Grameen Foundation thanks Iain for his generous support and wishes him continued luck in his professional sailing career.