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At Grameen Foundation, our goal is to spur innovation in the global movement to eliminate extreme poverty. Part of that work is to develop better solutions and share them with people like you.

On GF Insights, we share lessons learned from our leaders in the field, news about efforts to expand access to financial and information services for the poor, and how poverty-focused organizations are using data to improve the way they work.

Latest Posts

06/21/2016 by Steve Hollingworth

We help poor families strengthen resilience and raise incomes.

Grameen Foundation received the #12 ranking of 500 of the world’s leading non-governmental organizations (NGOs). The Geneva-based NGO Advisor has published its rankings since 2012, providing the only global ranking of development nonprofits. Both this year and last, Grameen Foundation rated in the top 20 organizations. 

06/09/2016 by

Take the total amount of international financial assistance that goes from developed to developing countries in a year. Multiply by three. This is how much international migrants remit to their home countries annually.  As big as this number sounds, the total amount of money remitted is believed to be much higher due to the use of unrecorded informal financial transactions.

06/07/2016 by

With support from the MetLife FoundationGrameen Foundation India is helping Margdarshak to work with commercial banks, providing needed savings and other services to at least 40,000 poor women clients in the northern state of Uttar Pradesh. One of the first questions we have addressed is: What kind of financial products do the poor need?

06/03/2016 by Chandni Ohri

There is great excitement about the potential of using digital mobile technology to drive financial services, particularly in areas where a banking infrastructure does not exist. This is further driven by widespread use of mobile phones even by some of the poorest households. According to Statista, the number of mobile phone users in India is expected to rise to 730.7 million in 2017.

05/12/2016 by Alex Counts

Larry Reed and Professor Muhammad Yunus addressing the Leadership Council at the 18th Microcredit Summit in Abu Dhabi (2016).

When I sat down with Larry Reed a few weeks back and learned of the significant changes in store for the Microcredit Summit Campaign, two decades of memories were stirred up. I tried to imagine what the world would be like had the original Microcredit Summit not taken place and even more important, if the Campaign that followed it had been stillborn or less robust.