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Best of 2013: Key Lessons and Resources for the Fight Against Poverty

December 23, 2013

At Grameen Foundation, we’re committed to sharing our experiences and insights with others. Only together can we leverage the resources and know-how to connect the world’s poor to their potential. In this spirit, we offer up four lessons learned or affirmed through our work, along with relevant resources we or others have published over the course of 2013.

Getting Ready for that Career in Social Enterprise

December 16, 2013

Earlier this year, Grameen Foundation president Alex Counts invited several social enterprise professionals to participate in a wide-ranging discussion on career opportunities in the sector. We hope this conversation will provide instructive insights and advice for new college graduates and those who would like to make mid-career shifts. The staff at Grameen Foundation who worked on this would like to recognize the exceptional efforts of summer intern John Weiller in turning this idea into a reality that will benefit many idealistic job-seekers in the years to come