Blog Archive: August 2014

Microfinance Institutions as Business Correspondents: What to Negotiate with Banks

August 19, 2014

In recent announcements, the government of India has unveiled ambitious financial inclusion plans of which the Business Correspondent (BC) model is a key piece. Over the next several weeks, Grameen Foundation India (a wholly-owned subsidiary of Grameen Foundation) will post a series of blogs that discuss this model and how to make it work for promoting financial inclusion in India.

The Start of a Movement for “Lean Research”?

August 07, 2014

My bottom-line framing of this entire issue is related to a basic question: why we do this kind of social science research at all?  In my mind, we do it for one reason: in combating societal problems such as poverty, we want to do more of what works well, and less of what doesn’t work, or works less well.  Period.  If research contributes to that, I will call it successful and effective.  If not does not, I will call it a failure – no matter how elegant the research design or how smart the investigators.  This is my take on the design principle of “relevance” which we have been discussing today.

Commercial Insights from the Push-Pull Project

August 05, 2014

It’s made its way into the hands of the farmer and the tailor and the day labourer who is as comfortable using it as the high-powered CEO. From Los Angeles to Kampala, the mobile phone has become ubiquitous, bridging class divides, gender differences, generational gaps and territorial boundaries. And in sub Saharan Africa, it has gone further than any piece of modern technology in becoming something rural people use daily. It’s no wonder that the mobile phone is generally viewed as one of the keys to reaching people who previously weren’t accessible because of various infrastructural constraints.