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July 22, 2010

Emily Ferris is a Marketing and Communications Intern for Grameen Foundation based in our Washington, DC office.

I remember reading about the success of Grameen Bank before my Global Issues, Local Solutions class one day and thinking to myself, “What an incredible idea!” Microfinance is such a straightforward model with such a powerful impact – who wouldn’t be impressed? So when I set out on my internship search for summer 2010, Grameen Foundation was the first place I looked.

I joined Grameen Foundation in mid-May as the Marketing and Communications intern. I work closely with staff to communicate the foundation’s mission and progress moving people out of poverty. Every day is different from the last. I can be researching target audiences for some of our program pieces or editing blog posts one minute and corresponding with conference organizers the next. The position has given me valuable insight into the day-to-day operations of a nonprofit organization that will serve me well no matter where I end up in my professional life, especially through projects like blog posts and publications where I was able to learn to better craft my own writing.

More importantly, however, my experience at Grameen Foundation has given me the opportunity to learn more about the microfinance industry and the important role that we play within it. Working with the foundation’s innovative programs on a daily basis has taught me more than any textbook ever could, and not just about regional approaches and industry trends. I’ve had the opportunity to experience what a career in international development is really like and engage in open conversations with people at the forefront of the development community about what I need to do to break into the field. Let’s face it; a textbook can’t help you decide what to do with your life, and it can’t be as fun as the dynamic staff and volunteers that make up this organization - especially during the excitement of the Members Project campaign! [Check out this video made by some of our other summer interns in DC.]

At Grameen Foundation, I’ve met inspiring people, had great experiences, and had a world-class crash course in the microfinance industry. When my friends ask me what I did this summer, I can say that I spent it in the fight against global poverty. I became part of the solution.

Will you be one of the next to volunteer your time in the fight against global poverty?

Grameen Foundation is currently accepting applications for our Fall 2010 Marketing & Communications Internship. Be sure to apply here or send the posting to an interested student in the Washington, DC area.

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