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At Grameen Foundation, our goal is to spur innovation in the global movement to eliminate extreme poverty. Part of that work is to develop better solutions and share them with people like you.

On GF Insights, we share lessons learned from our leaders in the field, news about efforts to expand access to financial and information services for the poor, and how poverty-focused organizations are using data to improve the way they work.

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12/18/2013 by

By Kimberly Davies. Originally posted at NextBillion.net.

A human-centered design (HCD) methodology is gaining more traction as a way to ensure products that are developed actually solve real problems for their target users. But while this approach has led to a number of great products in recent years, many of them get stuck in the implementation phase, only to collect dust on a shelf.

That's why, on November 5th, forty international development practitioners including representatives from Africa, Asia and Latin America convened in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania to discuss why creating innovative products for the poor isn't enough. We engaged in some much-needed discussion about creative ways to ensure that new products actually get to market and reach the end users the products are designed to help.

12/17/2013 by

Grameen Foundation and Grameen Foundation India has worked with Intellecap to create a 4-part blog series highlighting challenges and solutions for various aspects of the Business Correspondent Model. Click here for full studies about dormancy, the business model, channel innovation, or operational challenges.

12/16/2013 by

Grameen Foundation and Grameen Foundation India have worked with Intellecap to create a 4-part series highlighting challenges and solutions for various aspects of the Business Correspondent Model. This blog was created by Abby Addis and Kimberly Davies. Click here for the full studies on dormancy, the business model, channel innovation, and operational challenges.

After creating a new savings product, piloting it, rolling it out, and finally getting  customers to sign up, you may be shocked to find those accounts remained unused, or dormant. This hurts your bottom line and potential for sustainability, and is not helping your clients better manage their personal assets.

12/16/2013 by

Earlier this year, Grameen Foundation president Alex Counts invited several social enterprise professionals to participate in a wide-ranging discussion on career opportunities in the sector. We hope this conversation will provide instructive insights and advice for new college graduates and those who would like to make mid-career shifts. The staff at Grameen Foundation who worked on this would like to recognize the exceptional efforts of summer intern John Weiller in turning this idea into a reality that will benefit many idealistic job-seekers in the years to come

12/12/2013 by Julie Peachey

Cross-posted from NextBillion.net

Grameen Foundation just wrapped up a 4-year project funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, in which we worked with CARD Bank in the Philippines to provide access to secure, accessible and convenient savings accounts targeted to the poor. There is lots of talk in the financial inclusion space about partnerships, innovation and getting to scale. By those measures, we feel like this project was a success on all counts – we opened 480,000 new active savings accounts and created the infrastructure for implementation of mobile financial services, while completing a holistic transformation with our partner to ensure a sustainable program.