Yeardley Smith Offers Her Congratulations to Muhammad Yunus

August 13, 2009


There are a couple of typographical errors in my narration. Please forgive me for the same.

It was really very interesting to read about your achievement and golas and the systemat5ic approach you are doing to eradicate poverty to be best possible. But my purpose of getting to y9our address was accidental. As a matter of fact I am purusing the same vision you have, (to reradicate poverty) and I have now from my own financial source I have promoted a single lady (poorest among poor to manufacture Electric Coke (Ballast) to operate on 250 Cy./4.5 to 5Amps.AC. I want marketing help of this product. No compromise on quality. 1200 Turns of coated Alluminium wire witha a two year gurantee and the defectives will be replaced without question. plerase examine and advise me