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What can YOU do in one day?

Is your birthday coming up? Are you a runner, cyclist, swimmer, or tri-athlete? Do you enjoy hosting dinner parties or backyard barbecues?

The next time you've got an exciting event planned with your friends and family, consider making it a fundraiser! If you hate poverty and are looking for a creative way to make a meaningful difference, this is your chance. Enjoy what you love to do while supporting a cause you believe in.


Bankers without Borders® is Grameen Foundation’s volunteer program that gives individuals and companies opportunities to use their skills and industry expertise to help break the cycle of poverty. It is a global reserve corps of business professionals from a variety of fields, from finance and technology to human resources and marketing, who work to support microfinance and technology developments around the world.

When you join Bankers without Borders, you can tackle virtual projects, work in developing countries and offer your expertise in many other ways to help us empower the world’s poorest people to escape poverty.