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Charles, a father of four, was selected by his peers to become one of Grameen Foundation’s Community Knowledge Workers (CKWs) in 2010. With the smartphone and training provided by Grameen Foundation, he has improved his coffee harvest. He’s also added bananas, cabbage, goats and pigs to his farm.

As a CKW, Charles helps his neighbors by sharing farming information that he accesses on his smartphone. He has connected hundreds of other farmers to vital farming advice.

Once, a disease threatened to destroy area banana crops. Charles used information from his phone to create a simple mixture to spray on the banana plants-saving his neighbors’ crops from ruin.

Charles is proud to serve his community and hopes to do even more to improve farming in his area. As he says, “I am supposed to visit more than 100 farmers every month, but I always [visit] more. I have bought some equipment, which helps me have a bigger harvest and teach other farmers about these practices. We want to help farmers get better fertilizers, seeds and tools. Maybe a shop can open here that sells those things. Maybe I can do that in the future.”

Charles and hundreds of other rural farmers are able to grow more crops and earn more income for their families.