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The Philippines

Elsa Ligua, a mother of four, and her niece Rose Anne, a single mother, save money for their children’s futures through Grameen Foundation’s microsavings program in the Philippines.

Elsa’s husband has a shoe repair stall near the public market in San Pablo City. For years, Elsa has added to the family income by selling food. All four of their children go to school. She is proud that their oldest child also works as a supermarket clerk.

But school fees were a financial stretch for the Ligua family. When Elsa learned about a microsavings program through CARD Bank, a microfinance institution and long-time Grameen Foundation partner, she enrolled right away.

Both she and her husband were forced to drop out of school. They want to make sure that their children are educated and have more opportunities.

Every day, a savings officer visits their home and collects about 50 cents from Elsa and other members of her savings group. On good days, Elsa deposits even more money. Her goal is to save about $200 so that she will be ready when tuition fees are due for her children.

Elsa is very disciplined and does not withdraw her savings. Instead she lets it grow over time until she needs it. Her niece, Rose Anne, has also enrolled in the microsavings program and learns from Elsa’s example to be disciplined and save money each month.

By saving for school fees and college tuition today, each mother can provide a more secure future for her children.