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Mrs. Yusnaini

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Fifteen years ago, Mrs. Yusnaini moved to Aceh, Indonesia with her husband to search for better business opportunities. She opened a small stand in front of her house where she made and sold traditional Indonesian meals: lontong (rice cakes served in a coconut gravy) in the morning, and baksa (a meatball soup) in the afternoons. Despite their hard work, she and her husband struggled to provide for their five children.

Mrs. Yusnaini has expanded her business and has more income for her family. She learned that she could access small loans through YAMIDA, a microfinance institution and Grameen Foundation partner, and attended an informational center meeting. Soon after, Mrs. Yusnaini took out her first loan of $100.

With her loan, Mrs. Yusnaini purchased more materials and equipment for her food stand, such as larger pots and plates. She can now produce and sell more food in a shorter period of time. Since she took out the loan, her daily profit has increased 33%.

Mrs. Yusnaini says she doesn’t want to only run a food stand. She hopes to take out other loans and fulfill her dream of someday owning a restaurant.