Grameen Foundation in the News


This aricle cites a 2012 Grameen Foundation paper which explored the challenges women in India faced in accessing and using mobile phones to conduct banking transactions.


One of India's largest companies, L&T Finance has purchcased 26 percent of the Grameen Capital India (GCI), which was cofounded by Grameen Foundation. GCI help social enteprises get funding they need to expand and serve more people.


Julie Peachey, director of Grameen Foundation's social performance team, discusses future directions for the Progress out of Poverty Index, a tool that helps organizations measure and track poverty levels in the communities they serve.


Whitney Gantt, Grameen Foundation's global director for mobile agriculture, discusses our plans to help smallholder coconut farmers in the Philippines become more resilient and economically secure. (This piece is adapted from an article that first appeared in Devex.)


Suzanne Skees of the Skees Foundation writes about how women in poor communities in Ghana, Uganda and Zambia are using Grameen Foundation apps and services to improve their lives.


This article cites a Grameen Foundation paper that recommends several approaches for expanding the use of mobile money in Nigeria.


Christopher Tan, Grameen Foundation's regional CEO for Asia, discusses how providing financial services and information via mobile phones can help smallholder coconut farmers in the Philippines become more resilient and economically secure.


Grameen Foundation discuss regulatory issues that must be addressed to push mobile microfinance forward and the next big opportunity for mobile network operators, third-party platform providers and financial institutions. This is the eight and final post in our Next Billion series on what it takes for institutions that provide microfinance services to go digital.


Grameen Foundation board member explains why technology should be used to amplify, rather than replace, human forces.


Between 2008 and 2013, Grameen Foundation helped CARD Bank to open 480,000 new savings accounts through its microsavings initiative. In this article, Julie Peachey, director of Grameen Foundation's social peformance management team, discusses the findings of a study designed to improve savings habits of these new clients through behavioral science. The study was conducted by ideas42.


Speaking at the 2015 Social Business Day in Bangladesh, Alex Counts noted that many countries are still keen to adopt microcredit and social business, in spite of recent attacks on impact.


Grameen Foundation's global director of financial services, Lisa Kienzle, is featured in a Guardian round-up of key points from its online Q&A on building financial systems in the global south. She highlights the need for alternative forms of ID to bring poorer people into the system.


Airtel Uganda won an ICT Development Award at the Uganda Communications Commission's annual awards ceremony for Airtel Weza, which was developed with Grameen Foundation and Plan Uganda.


Though many microfinance institutions (MFIs) operate in impoverished areas, they often have little or no objective poverty data on the clients they have reached. Grameen Foundation discusses how institutions can integrate the Progress out of Poverty Index® (PPI®) into their roll-out of digital financial services. This is the seventh post in our Next Billion series on what it takes for institutions that provide microfinance services to go digital.


Lisa Kienzle, Grameen Foundation's global director of financial services, joined panelists from the Asian Development Bank, Care International UK, the Inter-American Development Bank and the MasterCard Foundation to discuss what policymakers, regulators, NGOs and the private sector can do encourage building banks that are secure, transparent, and work for low-income consumers. The discussion is in the comment section.