Grameen Foundation in the News


Ratan Tata, chairmain emeritus of Tata Groups, one of India's largest companies has made an equity investment in Grameen Capital India, a company cofounded by Grameen Foundation to provide financial and advisory services to social enterprises in India.


A Grameen Foundation op-ed highlights three ways to make mobile money services more accessible and to increase usage among the world's poor.


Grameen Foundation president and CEO Alex Counts says we should look at positive impacts highlighted in recent studies on microcredit and build on those examples to retool the microfinance model.


Grameen Foundation has launched a new blog series on Next Billion that explores what institutions that provide microfinance should do to "go digital." Our first post examines the current landscape of digital finance in the microfinance industry and explores the challenges facing organizations.


Grameen Foundation president and CEO Alex Counts discusses his views on six studies on microcredit that were released by Innovations in Poverty Action and the Jameel Poverty Action Lab.


Economic Times (India) discusses a new initiative by Grameen Foundation and MetLife India to expand financial inclusion in that country. 


In recognition of International Women's Day, Camilla Nestor, Grameen Foundation senior vice president for global solutions, writes about the important role women play in transforming their communities, pointing to the work of female Community Knowledge Workers in Uganda and "trusted aunties" in Ghana.


Hillary Miller-Wise, Grameen Foundation's regional CEO for Africa, discusses the new ICT Challenge initiative in Ghana. The foundation is partnering with Digital Green and Farm Radio International on a multimedia campaign to provide agricultural advice to farmers in five regions of Ghana.


Fast Company recognized Acumen as one of the world's most innovative nonprofits for 2015, citing the Lean Data Initiative done in partnership with Grameen Foundation and its Progress out of Poverty Index.


Digital strategist Alan Rosenblatt cites Grameen Foundation's programs as part of the growing impact of mobile tools in international development.


Grameen Foundation is one of eight organizations to receive funding from the 2015 India Innovation Grant Program that aims to accelerate and deepen financial inclusion in India.


The article discusses how mobile phones will be used to encourage participation in the Ebola vaccine trials and support healthcare workers.


Alex Counts discusses the findings of six new studies on microcredit and the broad range of financial services already being provided by microfinance institutions, beyond microloans. 


Cisco's senior vice president for corporate affairs, Tae Yoo, says that we need to increase the availability and penetration of broadband services and develop more innovative mobile-based tools to bring about transformative change in developing countries. He points to Grameen Foundation's work in Uganda and the Philippines as examples of how partnerships can develop mobile tools.


CEO of NetHope, Lauren Woodman, calls on non-governmental organizations to focus more on creating environments in which technology for development can thrive. She points to Grameen Foundation's work in Uganda as an example