Grameen Foundation in the News


In this op-ed, Noshir Kaka and Anu Madgavkar of McKinsey India and McKinsey Global Institute, respectively, cite Grameen Foundation's Community Knowledge Worker initiative in Uganda as an example for using technology to empower workers in India.


This article on the 10th anniversary of the 2004 Asian Tsunami highlights Grameen Foundation's work in bringing microfinance to Aceh province, the hardest-hit area, as part of the recovery.


Debbie Dean, Grameen Foundation's director of financial services, discusses findings on users' experiences with the growing mobile financial services market in Nigeria and offers recommendations.


Emily Tucker, executive director of Grameen Foundation's TaroWorks initiative explains how organizations use the mobile apps, along with the Progress out of Poverty Index, to measure and track the poverty levels of their clients as well as organizational efficiency. Two TaroWorks clients, Trocaire and Honey Care, also discuss their experience using the tool.


In the second part of this interview series, Henry Maloba, project director for Grameen Foundation's Accelerator initiative in Uganda, discusses the past and future of mobile financial services in Africa.


Henry Maloba, project director for Grameen Foundation's Accelerator initiative in Uganda, discusses working with telecos to develop mobile financial services that designed for the poor. (Note: This is the first in a two-part series.)


Melinda Gates highlights the work of the MOTECH initiative, which focuses on improving maternal and infant care in Ghana by providing important information via mobile phones. 


Mary Jo Kochendorfer, a Grameen Foundation mobile health program manager, writes about the TAMA HIV initiative in India, which is testing whether reminders on mobile phones will help HIV/AIDS patients take better care of their health.


The Fairtrade Access Fund, which was cofounded by Grameen Foundation, Fairtrade International and Incofin, makes its first investment in Africa.


In an interview with the Hindu Business Line, Grameen Foundation board member Vikram Gandhi discusses his passion for social investing, starting with his work with Grameen Foundation.


Mifos, an open source MIS system developed by Grameen Foundation in 2006, is one of the five projects listed as "making the world better".


Shawn Covell, vice president for Government Affairs at Qualcomm, discusses the company's work with Grameen Foundation to promote mobile microfranchising and the development of Ruma, an Indonesian technology start-up.


Grameen Foundation is one of the 10 founding members of the MIT D-Lab's Practical Impact Alliance. It aims to foster shared learning and collaborative action among a network of corporations, non-governmental organizations, and social enterprises with a demonstrated commitment to scaling solutions to global poverty.


The Guardian discusses the work of the Fairtrade Access Fund, which was founded in 2012 to provide long-term financing to smallholder farmers.


Hillary Miller-Wise, Grameen Foundation's regional CEO for Africa, writes about using mobile technology to help rural farmers and the impact of our Community Knowledge Worker initiative.