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MazaoPlus Loan: A Unique Innovation for Small-Scale Dairy Farmers in Kenya

March 16, 2015

By Caroline Mwende

Dorcas Wanjiru

Dorcas Wanjiru is a small-scale farmer from Banana, an area in central Kenya that is rich in agricultural production. When we arrive at her home, she is in the farm but quickly comes over and gladly welcomes us into her home.

It is a small piece of land; less than an acre. She lives here with her husband and four children and also carries out her farming activities here.

Lessons Learned, 2009-2014: Community Knowledge Worker Uganda Program

Smallholder farmers in Africa, Asia and Latin America face many challenges, including little or no access to quality inputs (e.g., seeds and fertilizer), insufficient information about farming "best practices", market prices and weather and limited access to markets and few financial resources. This makes it extremely difficult to increase t


Charles, a father of four, was selected by his peers to become one of Grameen Foundation’s Community Knowledge Workers (CKWs) in 2010. With the smartphone and training provided by Grameen Foundation, he has improved his coffee harvest. He’s also added bananas, cabbage, goats and pigs to his farm.

As a CKW, Charles helps his neighbors by sharing farming information that he accesses on his smartphone. He has connected hundreds of other farmers to vital farming advice.


Mariatu, who lives in a small village in Ghana, registered for Grameen Foundation’s Mobile Midwife service at the start of her third pregnancy. Mobile Midwife sends poor pregnant women and new mothers vital care information via mobile phone to help them have healthier pregnancies and better care for their babies during the first year of life.


As a teenage mother, Esther was forced to drop out of school and had limited options for supporting her new family. She became a cattle farmer and sold milk by the roadside, but struggled to provide for her family.

As Esther's family grew, so did their hardships. She and her husband had four children. Tragically, they lost one son to cancer when he was just two years old.


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