Financial Services

People living on less than US$2.50 a day urgently need reliable financial services.  

They need to be able to safely save, borrow, make payments and use insurance. But two billion of the world’s hardest working people--people struggling every day to escape poverty--have no access to such services.

Using digital technology and mobile phones, we develop financial solutions that meet the needs of very poor people.  Services may offer digital savings for women’s groups, provide affordable loans for smallholder farmers, equip local agents to serve rural poor people, and more.  

Every innovation is designed to serve the poor and to be sustainable for our partners. Partner organizations--commercial banks, microfinance institutions, mobile network operators, and agribusinesses among them--can ensure the new products and services enter wide-scale use.

Paying special attention to the inclusion of women, our solutions help poor people generate income, build assets, afford necessities year-round, and manage risk.  We innovate in four main areas:

Health Finance

A health crisis can easily plunge a poor family into extreme poverty.  Digital health solutions can provide millions of people with health information and improve rural healthcare delivery.