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Globally, 2.5 billion people have no access to formal financial tools because they are either unavailable or are not designed to meet their needs. Poor households need financial tools to help them cushion against risk, build assets to secure their family’s future and manage daily household cash flows. Because of their precarious situation and unreliable income, the poor need financial services even more than the non-poor simply to survive from day to day.

Grameen Foundation partners with commercial banks, mobile operators, microfinance institutions, agricultural coops and other providers to create and scale financial products and services for the poor and poorest. We demonstrate how appropriately designed financial products can improve lives and livelihoods by reducing risk, improving financial security and increasing income.

Our Solutions Innovation Process combines our approach to user-centered product development with our deep expertise helping financial institutions implement a go-to-market strategy to test and scale financial products for the poor.


We work with microfinance institutions, telecommunications providers and banks to give the poor safe, affordable options for saving.