Human-Centered Design

Grameen Foundation uses the principles of human-centered design to create solutions that meet the unique needs of the poor. These users face numerous challenges when accessing and using new products and services. Their needs and preferences are given extensive attention at each stage of the process and result in solutions that are designed for wide scale adoption.

To achieve that scale, we identify commercial partners that are serious about serving poor clients and ensure that our solutions are also commercially viable.

The following is an inventory of our featured blogs, videos, and case studies on human-centered design. We hope our lessons learned and glean helpful best practices for your own work.

Case Studies
HCD + Scalable Business Practices

A crash course in human-centered design

Ledger Link

A product developed with and for members of remote Village Savings and Loan Associations in rural Uganda with support from Barclays Bank Social Innovation Fund.

AppLab Money India

A look at how we're researching user needs for new financial products

AppLab Money: Solutions Innovation

A guide to using user-centered design principles to create financial products

The production of thought leadership pieces and the dissemination of our learnings has been made possible by generous support from the Citi Foundation. Grameen Foundation has collaborated with the Citi Foundation as part of the Influencing Financial Product Innovation and Design Initiative. The goal of the initiative is to influence financial service providers, telecommunications companies and other financial services firms in order to drive adoption of a rapid, client-centered product design, thereby expanding the range and appropriateness of financial products offered to poor households