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It will take a global movement of organizations working together to eradicate global poverty. In this spirit, Grameen Foundation offers an array of products and services—originally designed for our own use—to help other organizations with similar missions be more effective.

We believe these tools will help organizations strengthen their programs, deepen their impact on poverty, and create lasting change.

Progress out of Poverty Index®

Leaders need access to reliable information in order to make smart decisions. We offer the Progress out of Poverty Index, a simple poverty measurement tool, for 46 countries around the world. The management teams of over 270 anti-poverty programs have used PPI data to improve their strategy for meeting the needs of the poor. Learn more at


Poverty-focused organizations face challenges in managing their people, information and products, especially in remote areas. TaroWorks™ is a mobile-based data tool that enables organizations to gain insight into their customers and increase the transparency of their operations. Learn more at

Impact Investing

The poorest people are often concentrated in rural or difficult-to-reach markets known as “the last mile.” We invest in social enterprises and innovative microfinance institutions that seek to improve livelihoods in these remote areas. Learn more about how we are addressing this critical investment gap.

MOTECH Suite and Platform

We help organizations use mobile phones to deliver a range of health care services in poor and underserved communities.

Bankers without Borders®

Bankers without Borders® is Grameen Foundation’s global volunteer initiative. It is an industry leader in using skilled volunteers to accelerate the scale, sustainability and impact of microfinance institutions and other poverty-focused social enterprises around the world. Learn more at

Human Capital Hub

Pro-poor organizations need to attract, retain and develop the most capable people to have a measurable impact. The Human Capital Hub provides a range of tools and information to help increase employee commitment, satisfaction and effectiveness. Learn more at

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