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Impact Investing

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We finance social enterprises and innovative microfinance institutions that seek to improve livelihoods in the “last mile” — those rural or difficult-to-reach markets that often include the poorest people. To serve these remote areas, Grameen Foundation manages three investment programs that link social businesses to sources of capital traditionally beyond their reach in Sub-Saharan Africa, Asia and Latin America.

Pioneer Fund

Through debt and equity financing, our Pioneer Fund improves livelihoods of the rural poor by providing early-stage capital to the innovative social enterprises that serve them.

Growth Guarantee Program

Beginning in 2005, our Growth Guarantee program spearheaded a movement to unlock local currency financing for microfinance institutions (MFIs) by linking them to local sources of capital. To date, the program has generated over $235 million in local currency financing for institutions in 12 countries.

The Fairtrade Access Fund

The Fairtrade Access Fund tackles the unmet demand for financing from smallholder farmers in developing countries. A unique international collaboration among Grameen Foundation, Incofin Investment Management and Fairtrade International, this alliance draws on each partner’s expertise to offer agricultural producers the capital they need to grow their businesses. 

Impact Measurement

Impact investors are set apart from traditional investors by their focus on social impact as a key driver for investment decisions. Grameen Foundation has created a proprietary tool, called MOTIV, to assess social mission alignment for potential investees taking a holistic approach to impact assessment.