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In Asia, Grameen Foundation is developing and replicating new business models, with a specific focus on innovations in mobile financial and information services designed to serve the poor. Despite rapid economic progress over the past twenty years, Asia remains home to the majority of the world’s poor.

We are also championing a data-driven approach in the development sector to improve the design of programs and products for the poor. As part of that initiative, we are developing a Poverty Movement Report that examines changes in poverty across time.


In China, we are partnering with You Change Purong, a local Chinese social enterprise, to improve transparency and accountability in the Chinese social sector by rigorously measuring the social performance of development organizations.

Our Poverty Scorecard China program, based on the methodology of the Progress Out Of Poverty Index®, is designed to encourage and empower social service organizations to use data in strategic and operational decision-making.


In India, we are providing financial and technical support to some of the country’s leading and fastest-growing social enterprises and microfinance institutions. In 2011, we established Grameen Foundation India, a wholly owned subsidiary, to provide financial and information services for the poor.


In the Philippines, we are using mobile financial and information services to accelerate poverty alleviation, primarily in rural and agricultural areas, and championing rigorous social performance measurement throughout the value chains in which we work.