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In India, we are providing financial and technical support to some of the country’s leading and fastest-growing social enterprises and microfinance institutions. In 2011, we established Grameen Foundation India, a wholly owned subsidiary, to provide financial and information services for the poor.

Through our Microsavings Initiative, we are working with Cashpor Microcredit, Ltd., in Varanasi, to broaden access to safe, flexible and convenient savings accounts. Our work with The Livelihoods School (part of the Basix group of companies) has created an integrated model of financial, livelihood and risk management services to help those living in extreme poverty.

Drawing on our work in Uganda, we are launching two financial services initiatives to develop products specifically for those at the bottom of the pyramid and to use mobile financial services to improve the delivery and cost-effectiveness of microfinance.

We are also supporting mobile health initiatives in India through our MOTECH Platform. The Treatment Advice by Mobile Alerts (TAMA) program aims to increase treatment for HIV/AIDS patients by sending reminders and alerts to patients and their caregivers. BBC Media Action, CARE and the World Health Program are also collaborating to improve the delivery of maternal and neonatal health services in Bihar using our MOTECH platform.

As part of our commitment to improving poverty outreach using data and insights on client behavior and decision-making, we have also created a Poverty Outreach Report for India.