Sub-Saharan Africa

Grameen Foundation has been working in Sub-Saharan Africa for more than a decade, improving livelihoods through addressing some of the biggest challenges facing smallholder farmers and the rural poor, including access to finance, agricultural information, and markets.

The exponential growth of mobile phone subscriptions in Sub-Saharan Africa—from 90 million to 650 million  between 2007 and 2015—offers unprecedented potential to not only expand financial inclusion, but also to deliver integrated solutions for the rural poor.

Working with partners, we create digitally enabled, locally based solutions to the problems of poverty. Today we work in Ghana, Kenya, and Uganda.

Photo credit: Riccardo Gangale/Grameen Foundation


We use multimedia and on-the-ground advisors to help farmers increase their access to agricultural training, finance, and secure markets for their crops.


We are tapping the widespread availability of mobile phones to help poor households get better access to financial services and the information small-scale farmers needed to improve their productivity and incomes.


From building networks of “village phone” operators at the dawn of Africa’s mobile revolution, to utilizing digital technology to train millions of smallholder farmers in best agricultural practices, Grameen Foundation’s innovations in Uganda have pioneered the use of digital technology to benefit poor communities.