Grameen Foundation in the News


In this interview with Humanosphere, Grameen Foundation president Alex Counts noted that microfinance's social mission differentiates it from other forms of financial services. Grameen Foundation is working with others across the industry to establish a common standard for measuring this social performance. Until then, Counts said "one way for the public or donors to tell the difference is that socially motivated microfinance organizations tend to impose reasonable limits on executive compensations, caps on what investors can make and so on."


David Edelstein, Grameen Foundation's vice president for technology programs and director of its Technology Center, will join other practitioners and academics in information and communications technology for development (ICT4D) arena for the kick-off of a year-long initative being launched by the Humanitarian Centre, in partnership with technology company, ARM.


Microfinance Insights discusses the experience of ESAF of India, the first microfinance institution to undergo the new Progress out of Poverty Index™ certification process.


As part of its special coverage during the U.N. General Assembly Meeting, the State Department examines Grameen Foundation's Community Knowledge Worker program which helps poor Ugandan farmers access vital information that can improve their livelihood.


Royston Braganza, CEO of Grameen Capital India, discusses his path to microfinance with Canada's Globe and Mail. Formed in 2008, Grameen Capital India is a collaboration between Grameen Foundation, IFMR Trust and Citicorp Finance India.


The Washington Post explores how Grameen Foundation's AppLab and MOTECH programs are helping poor farmers in Uganda and expectant parents in Ghana, respectively.


Washington Post technology reporter Cecilia Kang blogs about her recent visit to Grameen Foundation's Technology Center in Seattle.


George Conard discusses cloud computing in the microfinance sector and Grameen Foundation's Mifos Cloud system with


Grameen Foundation president Alex Counts shares his thoughts on development and work of


Microfinance Insights explores new standards that have been created for using the Progress out of Poverty Index.