Grameen Foundation in the News


Alberto Solano, Grameen Foundation's regional CEO for the Americas, and Anne Hastings, director of Fonkoze, discuss the vital role microfinance is playing in helping poor Haitians recover from the devastating earthquake.


In this article, reporter Neil DeMause discusses the role microfinance can play in rebuilding Haiti with Alberto Solano and Erin Connor of Grameen Foundation and Anne Hastings and Katleen Felix of Fonkoze.


Grameen Foundation president Alex Counts says that microfinance remains robust in spite of the financial crisis.


Speaking at the University of Hong Kong, Grameen Foundation president Alex Counts identified four reasons why so many people are still living below the poverty line.


Grameen Foundation president Alex Counts discuss how microfinance can help in rebuilding Haiti following the devastating earthquake.


Grameen Foundation president Alex Counts discusses Haiti relief efforts with Shira Lazar, host of "On The Scene".


Kate Druschel Griffin, director of Grameen Foundation's Solutions for the Poorest program, discusses ways to provide poor people with safe access to savings accounts. Grameen Foundation's new Microsavings Initiative is among a group of projects being funded by the Gates Foundation.


Grameen Foundation president Alex Counts appeared on C-SPAN's Washington Journal to dicusses microfinance, both internationally and in the U.S.