- July 2015 Poverty-Fighting Update
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With a Small Loan and Training, Dorcas’ Dairy Farm is Taking Off

Dorcas not only has access to quality dairy cows, but also to training that gives her the tools and knowledge to care for them correctly so she can maximize her earnings.

Dorcas Wanjiru is a farmer in central Kenya who lives with her husband and four children. Like most people in her area, she owns little land, with less than an acre to farm on. With such a small farm, Dorcas struggled to produce enough crops to provide for her family, so she decided to shift her focus to dairy farming.

Dairy farming does not require a lot of space, but Dorcas could not afford to buy quality cows and did not have information on how to care for cattle. But thanks to you, Grameen Foundation has helped Dorcas and other farmers in Kenya receive small loans to help them start and run successful dairy farms. As Dorcas says, “With this loan, I am now assured of obtaining a good quality cow which means higher yields and more income for me and my family. It's exactly what I needed!"

Grameen Foundation is also organizing training for farmers like Dorcas who take out loans so they can learn to properly care for their animals. With your support, Dorcas now has the knowledge and resources to make her dairy farm productive and profitable. She’s thrilled to finally have more income for her family’s basic needs and school fees, and she’s looking forward to creating a better future for her children.

Love Coconut Water? Show Your Love to Coconut Farmers, Too!

Read a recent article we published on the Huffington Post about the many challenges coconut farmers face, like tropical storms and other natual disasters. You'll learn how you are helping Grameen Foundation create a more secure future for these families.

How You Can Fight Poverty Right Now

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